Unbricking Guruplug Server

I’ve been playing with a Guruplug Server over the last few days trying to get it to work with my MIMO UM-740 Touch Screen. It’s been slow progress because nobody seams to have a link to the src for the kernel that it comes with so I can’t build the DisplayLink module.

Used with permission from Flickr taken by andypiper

To try and get round this I tried to update the kernel using some instructions on the openplug.org website. Unfortunately due to a miss match in the uboot boot loader that came installed on the device the new kernel wouldn’t boot.

I tried following the un-bricking instructions on the openplug.org wiki and ran into the problem that not only is the src not available for the original but neither is the binary. I tried to grab a copy from a colleagues machine but it didn’t want to read the area of flash properly once booted.

I finally found a nice little post on the New IT forum that had all the bits needed to update uboot, the kernel and a clean root file system using a USB stick.

The updated version of uboot should also allow the pre built kernels out there to boot now as well.

So while I’m not back to original state of the as the Guruplug shipped, it is now up are running again and I can get back to getting my MIMO working with it.

2 thoughts on “Unbricking Guruplug Server”

  1. Hi Ben,

    I too recently bought a GuruPlug and am also looking to make it work with a MIMO Touch Screen (although not the same as yours). Were you able to get it to work in the end?

    1. Stephane,

      I got side tracked by another project (Tracks2Miles) but I’m planning on having another go soon. I’ll do a new post with the details.

      I did managed to build the module with this new kernel, but the kernel was missing a couple of symbols.

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