Tracks2Miles 1.0.4

A quick update about the 1.0.4 * update release of Tracks2Miles.

  • Added some better error path handling to make it a bit more graceful should it fall over.
  • Added a local DB to cache route information, this is for 2 reasons. Firstly to make it quicker to just pick a route without having to wait for the list to be downloaded and secondly as a work around for the missing distance info in routes uploaded via the API. One of the side effects of this is that previously uploaded routes with no distance will not be shown in the list. Look at the end of the post for a way to fix these routes.
  • Added a bit more validation before posting, this should make it harder to post routes without titles or time and distances. A dialogue will ask if you really want to do this before posting.

I’ve also found a way to fix the uploaded routes missing distances. If you view the routes on the dailymile website, then hit the edit link at the top it will open the route editor. At this point it will recalculate the distance and you can just hit the Update button in the bottom right hand corner. The route should now have a valid distance.

Based on Dan’s comments on the announcement entry, I’m planning on looking to see if I can identify an existing route before posting a new one from My Tracks, this will reduce upload time and allow for dailymile to track your best time. To keep things easy it will probably just be based on the name of the track and distance.

I have added the following short video to the Android Market entry.

* 1.0.2 & 1.0.3 wouldn’t work on 2.1 due to using a method in API v8, I’ll remember to check 2.1 in the emulator before uploading next time

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