Tracks2Mile 1.1.4 – With automatic details import

After discovering that my patch for My Tracks had been pulled just before their last release (1.1.5) I’ve been looking for another way to get the information about time and distance.

After another closer look at the instructions 3rd party use instruction on the wiki and it’s possible to access the My Tracks database directly. Running a query that filters on the workout title, which I can get from the GPX files name, I can get hold of all the information. It is possible to have multiple workouts with the same name so I’m picking the last one added to the db since this has to be the most likely one you’ll be wanting to upload.

Since I’m reading direct from the database there is also the problem that if the My Tracks guys change the table layout then I could have a problem. The API provides a method that returns a Track object which holds the data but you can only use this if you know workout id, but this available at the moment.

I’ll probably stick a new patch in for My Tracks to pass the workout id so I don’t have to make this assumption, but it should be good enough for now.

Other fixes include:

  • One to stop caching photos in memory before writing them to the sd card to prevent OutOfMemoryErrors
  • Closed a couple of windows where the database was accessed after it’s been closed.

Grab it from the Android Market here

11 thoughts on “Tracks2Mile 1.1.4 – With automatic details import”

    1. That combination should be fine (in fact any version of My Tracks should work).

      The only thing that can throw it off is if it can’t find the track name in the database. The matching is done by taking the .gpx from the file name and also removing the “(1)” numbers added to the end of the file name if you try to export the same route more than once.

      If it can’t find a match then it will fail to import the data.

      What track name are you using?

  1. I’m leaving it as the default, a date/time stamp, e.g.:

    2011-06-15 21:57

    However, I just tried changing the name of an existing track to something without punctuation (Evening run) and it worked.

    I don’t bother trying to name the tracks usually, as they’re often minor variations of the same sort of route.

  2. I just did a bit of testing and found that simply removing the colon from the timestamp results in success. At least I have a simple workaround now.

    1. Hmm, I thought I’d tested that.

      I’ll have a look to see if I can escape it as it’s likely to be a common case

    1. Just pushed 1.1.5 which should work with the default timestamp.

      There is a better fix that would require a small change to My Tracks. I’ll try and see if they will take another one of mine. I’m 99.999% sure this one won’t break anything else.

  3. Hi,

    Just started using your app and have one problem, I have the My tracks using Miles and not KM, but when it gets transferred to Tracks2 it uses KM and switching to Miles does not convert the distance.

    I dont know if using metric is standard when transferring the GPX data but it would be nice if when changing the setting in your app it did the conversion.


    1. Hi Jeffery,

      It’s on the list (in fact some of it’s already written). I’ve just got to find time to finish it off.

      My Tracks stores the information in meters, but I hope to get it to convert to the what ever default unit you set in the options.

  4. Any thoughts of a tracker or something ( to log feature requests/bugs? I’m really happy with Tracks2Miles at the moment, but if it could support “Gear” that would be great 🙂

    edit: bah. Just looked at the API and it doesn’t seem to be supported.

    1. Yeah,

      The API is missing a couple of features the that would make things a lot more useful and it also has a couple of bugs it would be great to get fixed.

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