Christmas Project

I’ve always been a fan of Lego*, Technic especially. As a kid I was lucky enough to get hold of a few different sets to build, some of them can still be found in my old room at home.

On Christmas morning I was lucky enough to unwrap one of these.

The kits have been getting more and more complex over the years this one comes with 4 volumes of assembly instructions

And enough parts to set up a shop.

So come Boxing day I set about putting it all together.

4 Hours on Day 1 and I managed to get through the first 2 sets of instructions

Day 2 finishing off

It was great fun putting it all together and seeing how the tech has moved on. The gear box in the middle of this model that makes it all work is amazing, with just one motor it drives the stabilizers and the crane jib arm.

The videos were made using gphoto2 hooked up to my old Canon Powershot A520 (I couldn’t get it to work with my 350D) to take a picture every 2mins. The images were then resized down to 720p and black bars added before being stitched together with mencoder. I’ll try and remember to do a post about the details later

* Yes that’s right Lego, not ‘Legos’ my American friends, it’s a trade mark and the singular is a Lego Brick. While we’re on the subject it’s Maths, not Math….

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