Tracks2Miles 1.1.16

I pushed a new update to the market at the weekend.

It should hopefully fix a problem where Tracks2Miles would complain it could not access My Tracks data even when sharing was allowed. This looks to be down to a change in the My Tracks API with the My Tracks 1.1.15.

I’ve also tweaked the “Like” handling a little to only work for posts that are videos or pictures as this seams to be the only type of posts this works.

Recently a college has been having a look at the code to see if there are some things he wants to add. Hopefully I should have something from him soon.

4 thoughts on “Tracks2Miles 1.1.16”

  1. Ben, again – great work on the app!

    Had a couple questions; is the code for Tracks2Miles open source? Would you consider putting it up something like Github? Have you considered adding the functionality to upload to RunKeeper as well?

    1. Mitchell,

      No it’s not open source at the moment, I’ve shared the code with a colleague who was looking to have a play. I have a look, but it will take some paper work (don’t ask just believe me it will require paper work) when I get some spare time.

      As for Runkeeper, I’ve had a really quick look at the API and I don’t think it will take a GPX file, but you can push locations to build up a route. It may be better to do it as a separate app a bit like the TitanXT app.

  2. I just wanted to let you know about my tracks2miles problem. So, basically i had been using track2miles for a while, but i have no idea what version of it (or my tracks) i was running. I had to do a total reinstall of android and all apps and now it does not work. It gives me the “enable sharing” error. Restarting both apps or the phone in any order does not seem to help. Any way, i know you cant track down every problem for every variation of android/mytracks/track2mils/phone out there, i just thought you would want to know in case there is something to work on for the next update. I would love to get it working again if you have any thoughts of what i should try next. Thanks! I appreciate the work and time you have put into this tool!

    (MyTracks1.1.16 and tracks2mile1.1.16 on HTC incredible(v2.3.4) sharing enabled.)

    1. Thanks for the feedback Ben.

      I’ve not been able to reproduce this on any of my devices or in the emulator. I will send you an email with some instructions to collect some debug info to try and finally get this sorted.

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