Tracks2Miles 2.0 Sneak preview

I’ve been working away on a new version of Tracks2Miles over the last few weekends. It’s getting close to being ready but in the mean time here is a quick look at the new tablet layout.

Tracks2Miles Tablet layout

6 thoughts on “Tracks2Miles 2.0 Sneak preview”

  1. Neat, looking forward to checking it out!

    I’ve been having this issue where when I send the gpx from My Tracks to Tracks2miles, it looks like it gets the data fine but once I click upload nothing happens, I get sent back to My Tracks but in the past there would be notification and show the progress of the upload to Daily mile, but that doesn’t happen anymore. Any ideas? (MyTracks 1.1.16, Tracks2Miles 1.1.26, Droid X, Gingerbread)

  2. I get the same problem. I always have to submit workouts twice. Fails silently the first time (with no upload notification) and succeeds the second time. Seems to work this way every time. I think it started happening a couple of upgrades ago (2 or 3, I guess).

  3. The new screenshot is nifty. My only gripe is the colour of the “comment number” box on status updates. The bright green makes the whole thing look kind of ugly. The look of v2 on the whole is much more polished than 1.x, though.

  4. The comment number needs to be strong to stand out against the vast array of possible colours in peoples profile photos.

    Any suggestions for a different colour?

  5. Surely the colour of the square is not so important, as long as the number on it stands out against its background. So the square could be black with white text and the square might blend in with the photo, but the text would still stand out….

  6. Michell & Joe,

    Just to let you know v2.0 has shipped. After you’ve had a play I’d welcome any feed back

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