My Tracks v2.0

This is a real quick post as a heads up. The My Tracks guys have just shipped a pretty major update to My Tracks. This update has changed a load of things including how you export tracks for Tracks2Miles to upload them to Dailymile.

I’ve just pushed a real quick update (I hope I’ve not broken anything) with a fix for an interface that changed, without the fix Tracks2Miles will crash when you try to export a workout with the new My Tracks.

I was hoping to ship Tracks2Miles v2.0 at the same time My Tracks v2.0 shipped but I’ve been really busy with work so not been able to get it finished in time. I hope to get it all done over the next few weekends so I can get it out soon.

Exporting workouts has got a little bit more convoluted with the new My Tracks so I’ll try and do a new walk through video as well.

7 thoughts on “My Tracks v2.0”

  1. Hi Ben,

    Big fan of tracks2miles…the My Tracks update caught me off guard this morning when I recorded my run and tried to upload it. I checked Google Play for the Tracks2Miles update, but it says I already have the latest — T2M does not show up in the My Tracks options for sharing. FYI, and any help is appreciated.

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Mark,

      The new version of Tracks2Miles (1.1.29) has been up on Google Play since yesterday so it should be available. Can you let me know what version of Android, Device and version of Tracks2Miles you are currently using please.

      You might want to check on the Tracks2Miles page in Google Play to see if it says that this version is compatible with your device. It should be as I’ve not changed any of the requirements.

  2. I found that Tracks2Miles was not one of the options in the “Share” menu in the new MyTracks. However, if I exported the session to a GPX file it them prompted me to share the file via one of a list of applications and Tracks2Miles was included in this list.

    I love Tracks2Miles. Keep up the good work.

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