Blenheim Triathlon 2013

Last weekend I took part in the 2013 Blenheim Sprint Triathlon, it was my first full distance sprint with an open water swim. I had done 2 previous sprints but they had both had 400m pool based swims with no wet suites.

The first thing I’ll say is that the setting was amazing, from racking for transition in the court yard,

Racking in the court yard

To the view of the lake

Dragging the wetsuit on

To the riding and running round the grounds.

Swim 705m

I knew going in that the ride and the run wouldn’t be a problem and I knew I could cover the distance for the swim in a pool, but the mass deep water start did concern me a little and also trying to swim in a straight line with no rows of titles to follow. I was lead to expect the start would be a total washing machine of arms and legs everywhere, but actually wasn’t that bad. There was the odd finding a foot when reaching out and when rolling my head out to breath finding somebody right there that I couldn’t see though the murky water.

Time for the Swim: 14mins 15seconds.
I’m happy with that but think I’ll be able to improve on it for next time.

(Strava seams to have messed up the swim time for some reason)


After the swim the 400m meter run up from the lake to transition was hard work while barefoot and trying to fight my way half out of the wetsuit. I wasted some time trying to get some socks on, but I needed them because my bike shoes are a just a bit too big to wear without them.

Time for T1: 4min 25seconds
They say transition is the 4th discipline and mine needs work.

Ride 20k

The cycle course was pretty good, it was made up of 3 laps with 2 decent climbs and lots of downhill. The only downside was because the foot bridge over the course had been hit by a bus on Friday night a compulsory dismount was added to each lap just before you got back to the palace. This messed with everybodies rhythm a bit and must have stuck a couple of mins on the time.

Time for Ride: 43mins 07seconds
I would have liked to have pushed this under 40mins


A lot less to do this time, just needed to re-rack the bike, dump the helmet and swap the shoes

Time for T2: 2mins 17seconds
Again this needs to be a bit quicker, maybe some elastic laces will help.

Run 5.5k

The run starts with a evil climb over a foot bridge over the bike route. With the post ride jelly legs this is no fun at all as it’s pretty steep. Once that’s over it’s about 1k of flat before a steep down hill to round the other end of the lake

Time for Run: 25mins 59seconds
I know I can run this distance a lot quicker than this without the other 2 parts so I would like to get this down by a couple of mins as well.

Total Time: 1:30:02

I had a lot of fun doing it and I think with a little bit more work I can take a few minutes off all the legs and get it down to closer to 1:20 next year, but I’ve already starting thinking about the Olympic distance tri at Dorney Lake in September.