Christmas 2013

Just a quick note to cover this years Christmas activities.

Firstly Gingerbread…

I arrived back up north at my parents to find my Mum had already started in this years gingerbread creations, using a set of molds from Lakeland Plastics.

We even cast some white chocolate antlers

It was pretty good, but using a mold seams a bit like cheating, I had to run up something a bit more freestyle.

Now onto the Lego….

This years set was 8110 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400

Lego 8110 Unimog

This build was the trickiest yet, with 5 separate instruction books and the parts broken up into 4 distinct sets to make life easier. It took 3 separate sessions to get it finished.

The chassis has Portal Axles to give greater ground clearance and full 4-wheel drive. The motor is linked to a transfer box allowing it to drive a winch, rotate the crane or run a pneumatic pump to power the rams on the crane arm. There is also an extra air line run to the front of the vehicle to drive a second optional model with a snowplow.

I set up my camera and laptop again to capture a timelapse video of the build

The sample rate for the video is one frame every 2 mins and each frame is shown for 0.5 second.