Moo Sticker engines fixed

A few years ago I create a web app to allow people to order their own sets of Moo stickers with the MQTT, Node-RED and Owntracks(at the time called MQTTitude) logos.

These worked well with people ordering about 1 pack a month until Moo changed the way they did authentication. I didn’t have time to fix it until today.

I’ve moved the app from being a J2EE app over to one written in NodeJS using express, this along with the change in Moo’s authentication method has made the code a lot shorter and easier to read. I’ve published the new code on github here.

To order a set of stickers click on the appropriate image:

2 thoughts on “Moo Sticker engines fixed”

  1. Did you ever figure out how to serve static assets from the node red box? I am trying to wrap my head around having a ‘project’ folder while using node red to serve static css/js/images.

    1. I’m not really sure what your asking here (or why your asking it against this blog post), but anyway.

      If you mean serving static content required for a custom node then I suggest you look at my Geofence node as it serves up CSS/JS to host the map interface in the config node.

      If you just mean serving up static content along side Node-RED it’s self then you need to look at the node-red/public directory (or configure it to point to somewhere else by changing the httpStatic entry in the settings.js as described in here)

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