Flic.io button finally arrived

Along with a lot of other people I’ve been waiting for these to drop through my door for most of the year.

A flic button

I even started to look at building something similar (if a fair bit bigger) using a Raspberry Pi and the noble Node.JS module.

Flic.io buttons are small silicon rubber buttons that can be used to trigger up to three different actions based on a single click, double click and a push and hold. They connect to your phone via BLE. The app comes with support for a whole bunch of actions such as WeMO, Philips Hue, Android actions such as taking photos and IFTTT for a bunch of extra web actions.

I’m starting to look at what it will take to build a Node-RED node for these as I want to set them up to control my WeMO lights at home and a bunch of other stuff. There is talk of a C library for use on the Raspberry Pi as well as the iOS/Android SDKs which I should be able to wrap as a Node.js module if I can get hold of it. Otherwise I’ll have to get down and dirty with reverse engineering the GATT profile.

flic.io box

flic.io open box

4 flic.io in the box

12 thoughts on “Flic.io button finally arrived”

  1. Hey there, I’m really interested in setting these up on my Pi also, any luck with reverse engineering the GATT profile?

    1. No, I started to talk one of the guys at Shortcut Labs and they told me they are working on a Linux library. I need to chase them on how they are getting on with it.

      1. To have to use a linux library for a Bluetooth button is pretty stupid/crazy. I understand they want “partners” but it’s just wrong in my view.

  2. Have you found a way to use these with a Pi yet? I’d love to get them to work with OpenHAB without having to depend on me to be near enough for my phone to be connected.

    1. Yes, I’ve been working with the Flic guys on something but promised not to talk about it until they release something. Fingers crossed for some news soon

    1. Not yet, I did give the guys a gentle push just before Christmas and I got some new code between Christmas and New Year which looks pretty good. Fingers crossed they will release it soon

  3. I’m interested in this as well. I am sick of the unreliability of the flic mobile app that has completely stopped working for me quite a while ago. I use my flics to turn hue lights on and off and the apps continual breaking changes mean that A) it no longer works and B) I’ve given up trying to make it work.
    If I could have a pi that my flics connect to that operates my lights (using node as that’s what I know) that would be fantastic.

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