Physical Web Node-RED nodes

Been playing playing with some NodeJS to build Eddystone beacons after watching this:

And having a poke round here

I had earlier been looking at BLE and NodeJS to build BLE devices that can have their state updated via MQTT

Physical web nodes

I’ve written 2 new nodes, the first will listen for any Eddystone beacons in the area and publish the details about the beacon.

The second creates a Eddystone beacon and broadcasts a given URL, it can also update the URL with the msg.payload value.

The code is here* and it can be installed from npmjs with:

npm install node-red-node-physical-web

* this will be moved to the node-red-nodes repo shortly

4 thoughts on “Physical Web Node-RED nodes”

  1. Hi,

    I tried this beacons, but didn’t works (with raspberry and Bluetooth 4.0 dongle)
    Can you post a working example, with parameters?

    I received : Error setting beacon URL

    I spend lot of time with this problem, but I interesting for this topic very much.

    I do not know what I’m doing wrong. I would like to create a working eddystone beacon for testing.

    Best regards,

    1. Yeah there are 2 things wrong at the moment

      1. There is a bug in the code, I’ve just stuck in the pull request to get it into the code base. You can pick up the changes from my fork here
      2. The URL can be a maximum of 18 bytes in length, I’m adding some code to warn when it’s too long and to possibly run the URL through a shortener

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