Google Home

Having got hold of a Amazon Echo Dot just over a week ago, I was eager to get my hands on a Google Home to compare. Luckily a I had a colleague in the US on release day who very kindly brought me one back.

Google Home

It looks like the developer program will not be opening up until December, which is just as well as I need to get the my Alexa project finished first.

My initial impression from a couple of hours of playing is it’s very similar to the Echo, but knows a lot more about me out of the box (due Google already knowing all my secrets), I really do like the Chromecast integration for things like Youtube. I need to try the Echo with my FireTV stick to see if it can do anything similar. It’s still early days for the Google Home and it has only been released in the US so it wouldn’t be totally fair compare them too closely just yet.

I’ll keep this brief for now until I can get into the developer tools. It’s going to be fun time working out just what I can get these two devices to do.

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  1. I’ve had a bit of a play linking it up with IFTTT. I tried connecting it to my Hive heating system and was quickly able to do things like a heating boost. My experience with IFTTT was much more limited by Hive than it was by the Google Assistant though. On that side of things it seems like you can create quite a flexible set of things to do with it from simple commands to slightly more complicated ones involving a set of entities you might choose from. Clearly though, the real power isn’t going to be seen until the SDK is out but it looks like it might be possible to start playing around with creating a Google Assistant node in Node Red, for example.

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