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Following on from my Alexa Home Skill for Node-RED it’s time to see about showing some love to the Google Home users (OK, I’ve been slowly chipping away at this for ages, but I’ve finally found a bit of time).

One of the nice things about Google Assistant is that it works all over the place, I can use it via the text interface if I’m somewhere and can’t talk, or even from the car via Android Auto.


Google offer a pretty similar API for controlling Smart home devices to the one offered by Amazon for the Alexa so the implementation of this was very similar. The biggest difference is the is no requirement to use something like Amazon’s Lambda to interface with the service so it’s just a single web endpoint.

I’ve taken pretty much the same approach as with the Alexa version in that I have a Web Site where you can sign up for an account and then define virtual devices with specific names and characteristics.

Virtual devices

Google support a lot more different types of devices and characteristics than Amazon with Alexa at the moment, but to start with I’m just supporting Sockets/Light/Switches and Thermostats. I intend to add more later as I work out the best way to surface the data.

The other big change is that Google Assistant supports asynchronously updating the device state and the ability for the Assistant backend to query the state of a device. To support this I’m going to allow the response node to be configured with a specific device and to accept input that has not come from an input node.

The node is currently being beta tested, if you are interested post in #google-home-assistant on the Node-RED Slack and I can add you to the ACL for the beta.

Google Assistant Node-RED Node

I’ll do another post when the node has finished testing and has been accepted by Google.

8 thoughts on “Node-RED Google Home Smart Home Action”

  1. Hi,
    i’m actually using your Alexa skill, and i’m grateful for it, i’ll be even happier when you’ll release this Google skill too.
    Thank you !

  2. Hi Ben,
    I followed the instructions on your website for using node-red-googlehome-action contrib but I couldn’t find Node-RED in the list of google home services. I will appreciate your worthy guide.

    1. As stated in VERY LARGE RED LETTERS on the home page this is in closed beta and not available for general use yet. There will be further posts once it’s generally available.

  3. Really excited about this becoming available (hopefully soon ish). The alternatives out there at the moment are not nearly this polished!

  4. Can you tell me how far you are with the beta testing and when you think it is ready to use or is it possible to get a beta version for testing.

    1. When it’s finished (when I get time to implement local control) and no I’m not accepting any more beta testers at this time.

  5. Ben – I spent quite a few hours last night trying to roll my own Garage door opener, then found your service and it worked in 15 minutes – well, I’ve not tested it as I don’t want the door open right now.

    At least, I can tell my phone to open the garage door and I get a Node Red message saying it’s happened – so that looks good.

    Very much appreciated 🙂


    Martin Green

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