Node-RED Google Home Smart Home Action Generally Available

I started this post back in November 2017, it’s been a long slog, but we are finally here. We had a false start back in January 2019 when I got the bulk of the code all working and I thought it would take a few weeks get it certified and released and again at the beginning of this year when the Action got approved but still required you to be a member of a Google Group to be able to sign up . Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. But all that is behind us now.

A Node-RED flow with lots of Google Home Assistant nodes

You can find the full docs for how to install and configure the Action here, but the short version is:

  • Create an account here
  • Create some devices using the wizard
  • Link the NR-GAB Action to your Google Account in the Google Home app, it should have the following icon.
  • Install the node-red-contrib-googlehome node in Node-RED
  • Drag the googlehome-in node on to the canvas and start building flows that can be triggered by the Google Assistant.

As always the doc probably needs a little bit more work, so I’ll keep updating it as folks run into issues with it. If you have any questions the best place to ask them is in the #google-home-assistant channel on the Node-RED Slack team.

Next steps are I have a working version of the Google Assistant Local Control API that I will release as soon as Google open that up for general availability. This sends commands directly to Node-RED from the Smart Speaker device which reduces the latency in triggering actions.

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