64bit Raspberry Pi OS build with USB-C Ethernet enabled

As a follow up to the 32bit version I built, using the script I described in my post about building custom SD card images, I have created a 64bit version based on the Raspberry Pi OS beta.

You can download the 64bit version from here. This is a full Raspberry Pi OS image, not a “lite” version as only full versions are available in beta.

This is a manual build (following these instructions) because at the moment the script won’t work with the 64bit version because DockerPi doesn’t support USB devices when emulating 64bit CPUs. USB is needed to attach the emulated Network Adapter. There are a set of patches for QUEMU pending that should enable this.

As soon as the patches become generally available I’ll update the project on github.

3 thoughts on “64bit Raspberry Pi OS build with USB-C Ethernet enabled”

  1. This makes it possible for the ipad air 4 to communicate with the pi4, if I understand correctly.

    This way we work around the faulty exfat support of ipad os, and the pi can handle the external drives?
    The ipad won’t mess up the files with it’s broken exfat drive handling, because it sees only the ip adress of the pi, not the filesystem on the drive?

    1. Yes, but you would need to write something to serve the files from the Pi to iPad. I have no idea what network file system support a iPad has.

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