This is a place for me to host notes about some of the spare time projects I’ve been working on. It also allows a place for others to comment on these notes.

The views posted here are my own and may not represent the views of my employer.


I have joined FlowForge Inc. A startup based around the Node-RED OpenSource Low Code environment.

I ran freelance Software Engineer/Consultant company called Hardill Technologies Ltd. specialising in building Multi-Tenant/Multi-User Node-RED. If you would like to hire me please get in touch via tech@hardill.me.uk

I spent the previous few years at Dyson, helping to develop the next iteration in domestic appliances in an ever more connected world.

Before this I worked for IBM from September 2001 until October 2017, I worked as a level 3 service engineer for the IBM Java Virtual Machine as part of the Java Technology Centre (JTC). This role puts me in contact with the large range of software products produced by IBM and their customers.

After 9 years with the JTC I joined the Emerging Technology and Services (ETS) team where who take the latest technology from research and find customers who to try something new.

For more info you can find it in my C.V.

As well as the day job, I created the IBM internal service known as IBM Micro Blogging Platform (formally known as BlueTwit). IMBP is a enterprise MicroBlogging environment that allowed IBMers to experiment with this technology as well as it being used by IBM research to investigate the differences between public and corporate social networking.

Also in the direction of full disclosure, from time to time I may include links to items I have bought or used, these links may have an Amazon referrer id in them. I am not looking to make money out of anything I post here, as I said at the start it is a place to make notes about the things I’ve been playing with, but if you choose to buy anything I’ve mentioned and Amazon are happy to give me a cut then I won’t turn it down.

As mentioned in the Zephyr HxM BT post the guys at TitanXT arrange for me to receive a Zephyr HxM Heart Rate monitor as thanks for writing a Android app for them.

I have also added a Web Monetization Org meta tag to the site, this means if you are signed up to a Web Montetization provider (e.g. coil.com) then I will receive a micro payment each time you visit the site based on how long you spend reading different posts. You can find more details here.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am using MyTracks and Tracks2Miles. I understood that I can use these apps to track a run, record the time, distance,map and note as well as deliver said info to my Daily Mile account. This is not happening in any method,menu or otherwise. What am I doing wrong -or- misunderstanding?

    T2M only logs me on to my Daily Mile page for manual input.
    MT does not identify time or distance.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Nick,

      You need to use the “Share with Friends” option in My Tracks to export the details DailyMile as shown in this video

      At the moment Tracks2Miles has to use the name of the exported file My Tracks passes to it to find the details in the My Tracks database. This name is based on the name you give the workout in My Tracks when you save the track. The default name for the workout is the time and date. The only problem with this is that it contains characters that can not be used in the file name (namely the : in the time) so these get stripped out which makes it hard to look up the name in the database. I am working on a solution to this but it means getting a small change included in the My Tracks application, in the mean time if you just give your workout a simple name with no awkward characters it should work.

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