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A Friday afternoon chat about tracking exercise habits with the website dailymile led to wondering why there was no Android app for it yet. A quick look at the API suggested it shouldn’t be too hard run something up. A short weekend of hacking later the majority of it was done.

Rather than reinvent the wheel and write a full GPS tracking app I decided to see how easy it would be to extend one of the existing apps. My Tracks was one of the first training apps released for Android so it seamed like a good place to start. My Tracks have released a library to allow embedding the GPS tracking into new apps, but even this looked like a lot of work. My Tracks has a feature to “Share with friends…” which uses the android.intent.action.SEND intent action to allow other apps to forward on the data. This made writing the Tracks2Miles very easy.

With Tracks2Miles you can upload publish new routes with a workout or reuse an existing route that you have already uploaded to dailymile.

More details in the announcement post here and the latest news under the tag tracks2miles


Having seen Tracks2Miles Erik Morse from TitanXT asked me if I would be prepared to do something similar for them.

The TitanXT site supports the uploading of both GPX and TCX format files. The TCX files can also contain heart rate data captured by My Tracks when used with either the Zephyr or Polaris Bluetooth HRM belts.

More details can be found in the announcement page here and latest news under the tag tracks2titanxt

Auto Web Launcher

I recently had a need for an Android app that would launch on device start up then display a webpage fullscreen. It turned out to be pretty simple to write so I threw it up on Google Play in case anybody else needed something similar.

7 thoughts on “Android Apps”

  1. I have been working with code from the Android MQTT client that David Lane wrote and RSMB. It has failed because it cannot import

    Do you have any information about IBM removing this or know anyone who could shed some light?

    1. I assume you mean Dale’s code then it should still be in the ia92 library that you will need to import. You can get the ia92 package from here

  2. I have tried a thousand times to get My Tracks to allow me to share data with your app but it keeps telling me that I need to allow access despite the option being checked. Any suggestions would be helpful as both My Tracks and Tracks2Miles are pretty much useless to me at the moment.

    1. Alan,

      I’ve only seen this few times before, I had to force close My Tracks from the settings or reboot the phone to force My Tracks to honour the setting.

  3. Have you seen issues with Galaxy S4 and Tracks2Miles? Posting seems fine, but not downloading timeline data from DailyMile. Manual uploads seem to work just fine, but the timeline continues to be blank.

    Perhaps Dailymile has a maximum number of linked apps to a given account? I’ve had no problems with your application on other phones.

    Any other thoughts would be appreciated. I’ve tried force-closing and rebooting, but nothing seems to be doing the trick.


    1. The only reason I can think for this is if background sync has been disabled for some reason. Please check the “Tracks2Miles” account in the Android settings. Does it have a green circle and a time for the last sync?

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