Tonight I will mainly be falling off my bike

I got home this evening to find a box waiting by the door.

The box contained my first set of cycling shoes and cleat pedals.

Tonight I will mainly be falling off my bike

I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted here so I basically picked the cheapest bits on, but a bit of a chat with a few folk (Karl Roche) suggested I’d not done too bad.

I’ve gone for a set of Wellgo WPD982 SPD Pedals. Welgo seam to make pedals for a some of the more well known names and sell them under their own name cheaper than the others. I went for a half and half flat and cleat pedal so I can still use my bike without the shoes.

As for the shoes I got some dhb M1 MTB. There was a road version of these for the same price, but as far as I can tell the only real difference is that the mountain bike version have extra rubber bits on the sole that mean the cleat doesn’t touch the ground, which seamed like a good idea for my first set.

A couple of laps round the local housing estate this evening and I think I’ve got the hang of clipping in and more importantly unclipping before falling over when stopping, but it’s going to take a bit more practice before I head out on roads with any real traffic.