Random gifts

A couple of weeks ago I got back into the office on Monday morning after a long weekend off to find a message from the office’s Goods Inwards department saying there had been a package delivered for me on Friday. I was expecting a few things for various projects so I set off down through the tunnels under Hursley to see which bits had arrived.

On arrival I found a plain cardboard box held together with tape claiming it had been damaged in transit (no obvious signs of damage on the box) marked with my name, work address and desk phone number but no indication of where it had come from. Once opened it revealed a boxed pair of Sennheiser Momentum on ear headphones and a delivery note.

None of the projects I’m working on at the moment need a set of headphones and I’d not ordered any for myself, as my usual set of Philips O’Neill Headphones are still in great shape and spend most of the working day on my head.

A quick ask round the office didn’t turn up anybody who knew anything about them. The delivery note didn’t help as it only showed 1 set of headphones and the delivery details, nothing about where they had come from. It was as if it should have been printed on headed note paper. So having drawn a blank as to where they may have come from I threw out a tweet to see if anybody would own up to sending them:

This didn’t get any joy, so I was at a little bit of a loss with what to do with them. A bit of googling round seamed to imply that if something is unsolicited then it should be considered a gift. Having said I decided to leave them in the box for a couple of weeks just in case somebody came looking for them.

Now some 2 weeks later and nobody has come to demand their new headphones so I’ve decided the least I can review them. I’ll use them next week in the office and write up my impressions.

It appears somebody has come looking for them a whole month after they arrived. They caught me in a moment of weakness and I agreed to send them back (they did try to sell them to me when I mentioned they had now been used and I had to point out that it would be illegal to request payment…)